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We have vast preference in introducing ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of all kind of water technology based 'Blue Water technologies’ sister concern of water world since 2008.

We conceit ourselves in providing inventive and biologically viable water filtration and purification clarifications, to certify that our determinations pay to our future age group and they can value from the capitals that we take for granted.

We have a team of experts and water specialists they used to chase clever and ecosphere solutions for our recent era hi-technological challenges.

Our water filtration and sanitization results deliver harmless drinking water even in safe environments and water polluted with heavy impurities. Our cleaning technologies almost completely trust on non-chemical intermediation and membrane equipment.

About Us

Blue water purifier is the company dealing with RO systems certified by "I.S.O.: 9001:2015, 14001:2015" and CE Certified.
Blue water technologies deals with industrial as well as commercial Reverse Osmosis-based mineral water plants. It also initiated to trade, install and retain these systems in India.

We have the valued reputation of existence creators in presenting reverse osmosis water purification systems. An ever-growing request for pure sipping water, quality of our product and ready after trades’. This service took us to integrate a repute value at the market place of water purification.

Our Products / Services

Services Water Purfier Repairing


Do you have a Water purifier System or an R.O (reverse osmosis) system or any purifier product, which you purchased from a vendor who never came back after installation?
We work through dealers who trade to resellers and finally reaching out to end user. The process is so long that the person, who is supposed to service you at the end, turns out to be someone who does not even know about the device. We are different. We are sales and also provide Service and repair. Thus we ensure that there are only experts in our company, meant for the job.


The value for money will be very high with us, as we believe in establishing a long term relationship based on continuous support and development. One repair call you give to us, and you get associated with us lifelong, only if you’re willing to!
Cost varies depending on the analysis of the site. One visit to analyze the site costs Rs 350+tax only, and if other visits are needed the same is conveyed to you. Complete transparency is what we believe in.
Along with repair you can also choose to go for AMC of your system, combined with training.


Want to have an assurance that there will be someone to serve you throughout the year? Want to be sure that your Water purifier an R.O(reveresosmosis) system, Security(CCTV) system, Telecom (epbx) is never jeopardized?
If that’s the case, its Inception you come to, and our experts solve your problems. We provide Annual Maintenance Contract for various Water purifier systems . The contract terms are very clear and transparent.


We also provide warranty in some cases, where we find the products are in working condition. The same is dependent on our analysis of the site and usages of the respective products.


Varies depending on site analysis. One thing we assure you that the costs will be much less than any other service company you’ll ever find, considering the value provided; and the reason is that we are not a service company alone. A company which creates products themselves can sustain itself at low service rates as well, and that’s what we do. But we provide high end and high quality support and service to you, directly from R&D team..

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